Our Organization’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sandbox Technologies takes the health and well-being of our staff, clients, and their loved ones very seriously.

When word of a viral threat to public safety began to manifest, our organization promptly began contacting clients to express our concerns, voluntarily offering to provide remote-only visits even before the Governor’s lockdown orders. And despite our exempt status as critical infrastructure providers, we continue to lead in the mitigation of viral spreading through the aggressive use of PPE and finding innovative ways to minimize or eliminate the need for physical visits altogether.



Tools and Technologies

As IT Professionals, we’ll leave the safety tips and advice to the hardworking frontline healthcare professionals who know best. With that said, because many of our clients are eager to take advantage of anything that will help keep their staff, clients and loved ones safe, we took it upon ourselves to evaluate and familiarize ourselves with a few new technologies. Although we have opted to forego reselling any of the following products, we are providing the following information as a service to our clients and are more than happy to assist those who purchase these tools with their implementation.

COVID Comply

COVID Comply is a simple app that organizations can deploy to employee mobile devices. Users are asked to answer three recommended health-related questions each day before reporting to work. Responses are logged and verified to establish that the employer has made a good faith effort to ensure persons that believe they may have been exposed to the virus do not enter the workplace or come into contact with other staff.

For more information about COVID Comply, download the one-sheet below, or visit their website directly at www.covidcomply.com.



Facial Recognition and Temperature Scanning Kiosks

Since the beginning of the outbreak, countless touch-free temperature scanning pads and kiosks have appeared on the market. Features range from simple logging of temperature to the ability to add and recognize employee faces and interact with access control systems to admit or deny entrance by an individual based on their results.

Members of our staff have assisted with the installation of several of these solutions for our clients with varying degrees of success. While we have opted to forego endorsing any of these products, a simple Amazon search for “COVID Temperature Kiosk” will yield numerous results.

Those interested in learning more about our experiences with these devices including the various pros and cons are invited to ask their Sandbox Technologies Engineer, Account Manager or Consulting CIO to put them in touch with a staff member who has directly participated in the installation of one or more temperature scanning kiosks.

Video Collaboration Support

Sandbox Technologies Engineers are familiar with most videoconferencing and collaboration solutions. Although some conference quality issues and challenges reside with and must be overcome by the Internet service providers themselves, there are often measures that can be taken to help mitigate chronic call quality issues that arise from inadequate Wi-Fi implementations and equipment. Organizations experiencing recurring bandwidth issues may also benefit from switch optimization and SD-WAN implementations, with more information available here.

Nascent Technologies

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties ahead, our engineers are continually investigating new technologies that may be of help to our clients.

We believe that virtual, mixed, and augmented reality solutions will ultimately find their role in business and have found the Oculus applications VTime XR and Immersed to be interesting alternatives to conventional video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

We are also exploring the practical use of mobile telepresence solutions, such as the TEMI-AI Personal Robot and others. Although we remain hopeful that many will be able to safely return to the workplace, for those who cannot, we are hopeful that these technologies will provide innovative means of returning “virtually”.



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