When a Breach or Security Incident is Suspected, Time is of the Essence

When a security breach occurs, the clock is ticking. Whether the damage has been done or remains ongoing, it is essential that further illicit access be ceased immediately, followed by a thorough assessment of the attack vector(s), a determination of what information has and has not been breached, and the development of a suitable damage control strategy.

When Disaster Occurs



Knowing what to do and what not to do immediately following a suspected breach can mean the difference between success and failure. Sandbox Technologies EGP Secure professionals offer rapid response support services to help stem the illicit flow of information when incidents occur, and aid in the preservation of data.

When a security event occurs, unique circumstances call for different measures and professionals with a wide range of skills. Our relationships with forensics experts, investigative specialists, law enforcement agencies, legal advisers and expert witnesses aid in the rapid assembly of specialized teams that can help navigate disasters and get business operations back on track quickly and discretely.


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