Scan and Evaluate Network Traffic, Help Identify, Investigate, and Stop Malicious Activity

As organizations strive to manage progressively more complex networks in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape, having a comprehensive view of security developments both inside and outside the network has never been more important. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions help companies manage risk by combining tools and expertise for threat monitoring, event correlation, incident response, and reporting. 

Seek, Assess and Respond



Cybersecurity threats multiply and evolve daily, presenting risks of unknown scope and impact. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions provide tools and expertise to monitor network traffic, system security logs, and user behavior for viruses, trojans, bot activity, and other malicious presences. This visibility provides a deeper understanding of the network, and insight into what’s within the normal scope of activity …and what’s potentially threatening.

Sophisticated heuristics and threat intelligence are layered into security detection protocols to sift through the noise and help to avoid alert fatigue. Because it isn’t enough to have systems that just reveal problems, 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) providers also assess the network environment and monitor the threat landscape for evolving exploits to help tune the SIEM and provide actionable intelligence.


Visibility and Reporting



SIEM data is funneled from sources across the network to a single dashboard, allowing security visibility at a glance. Organizations also have access to a range of reporting that is both comprehensive and comprehensible. Security summaries can be generated on demand, or scheduled and customized for Compliance, Audit, Incident, and Executive Reports.

Professional SIEM solutions put security in the hands of the experts, allowing organizations to focus on their core strengths, while still managing risk and gaining a comprehensive view of their network and security posture.



Sandbox Technologies is proud to offer Vijilan as its premier SIEM provider.

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