Network Infrastructure Design & Implementation, Switch Configuration, and Trouble Remediation

The importance of a well-planned network infrastructure cannot be overstated. Inefficient or improper design and misconfigurations can impact performance, cause intermittent communication issues, and create security vulnerabilities.  

Persistent network issues can cause frustration and impede productivity. Configuring a network and configuring a network correctly are two different things. Expert deployment and trouble resolution services can optimize performance and productivity.



Improper Configuration Can Cause Intermittent Issues and Severely Impact Performance.

The simplicity of basic networking and the ease of connecting unmanaged switches from big box electronics stores often leads to the misconception that network design is a simple process.

Where business networking is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. To ensure the proper configuration requires experience and an understanding of evolving industry practices.

Among other things, to successfully manage today’s threat landscape, Virtual Local Area Networks (vLAN’s), segmentation of Virtual Machines (VM’s), and secure Wide Area Network (WAN) implementations are essential configurations for many environments




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