Cable Management for the Workspace

Give your office a clean look, with workspace cable management. Sandbox Technologies wire management professionals are skilled at concealing cables in office environments of every shape and size.

Professional wire management not only helps to mitigate trip hazards for a safer work environment, but it is also a visible way of demonstrating your organization’s attention to detail and subtly reinforcing its commitment to excellence - to both employees and visitors.



Surface Wiremold & Cable Concealment

Conceal, route and protect low-voltage wires for a clean, safe workspace. Surface wiring solutions are an aesthetically pleasing way to make unsightly cables disappear, and keep them out of harm’s way.

Desk Aesthetic

Care and attention to detail are at the core of transforming your office environment into a professional looking workspace. Cable management is crucial for maintaining an organized, functional and distraction-free environment.

Floor Runners

Create a smooth, trip-free surface that protects your wires from potential damage that may be caused by persistent foot or vehicle traffic. Floor runners have a smooth, rounded surface that helps when moving carts over wires and provides great cable protection.

Workspace cable management services are provided at a flat rate, based on an assessment of the environment.  Assessments are free of charge. Before commencement of work, you will be contacted to arrange after-hours access within a pre-defined schedule. (Workspace cable management services are typically conducted outside normal business hours to avoid disruption to your staff.)


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